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Tiny ‘Hurricane-like’ magnetic swirls could hold key to next AI breakthrough — material found in rust could help power energy efficient, brain-like processors capable of running at hundreds of Gigahertz

Key Takeaways: – Researchers at Oxford University’s Department of Physics have discovered hurricane-like magnetic whirls in hematite that could power energy-efficient, brain-like processors – These whirls are capable of moving at speeds up to kilometers per second and could be used as information carriers for the next generation of computing platforms – The study, published…

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Our favorite free audio editor finally gets AI capabilities thanks to Intel — Audacity gets OpenVINO as it eyes next step for Audio.com and its own DAW capabilities

Key Takeaways: – Audacity is getting a major upgrade with Intel-developed OpenVINO plugins – AI-powered editing features include noise suppression, transcription, music generation, and separation – Plugins currently only available for Windows, but may expand to Linux and macOS in the future – Plans for a creator-first platform with cloud-saving feature for Audacity projects –…

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Gemini for Google Workspace is officially here — and it could be the AI-boosted help you never knew you needed

Key Takeaways: – Google is making its Gemini AI platform available for businesses of all sizes – Rebranded its Duet AI for Google Workspace as Gemini for Google Workspace – Two new subscription plans available: Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise – Customers using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet can now use Gemini AI tools…

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Microsoft is giving Windows Copilot an upgrade with Power Automate, promising to banish boring tasks thanks to AI

Key Takeaways: – Microsoft has introduced a new plug-in for Copilot called Power Automate to automate repetitive tasks – Tasks that can be automated include creating and manipulating entries in Excel, handling PDFs, and file management – The Power Automate plug-in is currently available to some users with access to Windows 11 Preview Build 26058…

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ChatGPT is broken again and it’s being even creepier than usual – but OpenAI says there’s nothing to worry about

Key Takeaways: – OpenAI’s Sora text-to-video tool has been in the limelight – ChatGPT chatbot went insane for a brief period – Users reported confusing and threatening responses from the bot – OpenAI acknowledged the issue and is monitoring the situation – AI tools are not infallible and glitches can occur – Speculation suggests the…

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Microsoft is building its own server tech — networking hardware will lessen reliance on Nvidia and possibly supercharge AI speeds

Key Takeaways: – Microsoft is reportedly developing its own network cards to enhance the performance of its Maia AI server chip – The project is being led by Pradeep Sindhu, CVP Silicon at Microsoft and CEO of Fungible – Microsoft aims to reduce its reliance on Nvidia for crucial components – The network card is…

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