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Salesforce Tableau looks beyond business intelligence dashboards with AI-powered Pulse

Key Takeaways: – Business intelligence (BI) traditionally relies on dashboards, but artificial intelligence (AI) can uncover more insights from data – Salesforce announced the general availability of Tableau Pulse technology, using multiple forms of AI to provide insights from data – Tableau Pulse uses natural language queries and data visualizations to surface metrics, trends, and…

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Allocations, AI-powered investing platform, tops $2 billion as alternative asset demand booms

Key Takeaways: – Allocations, a fintech startup, has reached $2 billion in assets under administration on its platform – AI has helped automate paperwork and increase efficiency, with each employee servicing 70 funds – Machine learning models generate legal paperwork and perform due diligence on investments – Allocations customers include asset managers, family offices, and…

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Newo.ai’s ‘digital employee’ merges AI agent with robot

Key Takeaways: – New fascination with AI agents capable of executing complex tasks autonomously – Newo.ai launches service integrating intelligent agents into physical robots – Co-founded by David Yang, redefining the concept of the workplace – AI agent builder platform allows replication of entry-level human worker intelligence – Newo digital workers can handle various office…

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Stable Diffusion 3.0 debuts new diffusion transformation architecture to reinvent text-to-image gen AI

Key Takeaways: – Stability AI has released an early preview of its Stable Diffusion 3.0 text-to-image generative AI model, which aims to provide improved image quality and better performance in generating images from multi-subject prompts. – The new model is based on a new architecture called a diffusion transformer, similar to the one used in…

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Arm unveils Arm Neoverse CSS V3 chip designs for AI efficiency gains

Key Takeaways: – Arm announced advancements in its Neoverse chip technology based on the Arm computing architecture – Unveiled two new Arm Neoverse Compute Subsystems (CSS) built on third-generation Neoverse intellectual property – Neoverse CPUs offer server-class performance combined with low-power design for high performance-per-watt – Arm Neoverse CSS V3 offers a 50% improvement in…

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Early adopters’ fast-tracking gen AI into production, according to new report

Key Takeaways: – Organizations are fast-tracking generative AI pilots into production for greater efficiency, improved personalization, and more informed decision-making – Gen AI is seen as critically important for increased productivity and efficiency, improving customer experience and personalization, and enhancing decision-making – Dresner Advisory Services’ Generative AI Report reflects the global trend of evaluating and…

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Adobe adds AI assistant to Acrobat, Reader in effort to maintain relevance in PDF market

Key Takeaways: – Adobe has introduced a new AI assistant for its Acrobat and Reader products to help users parse and summarize PDF files – The AI Assistant allows natural language interactions with PDF documents, generating summaries and formatted text based on extracted information – The feature builds upon Adobe Acrobat’s Liquid Mode and leverages…

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