Insta360's Ace Pro is a Leica-branded action cam with AI enhancements

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– Insta360 has unveiled its new Ace Pro action cam, focusing on video quality rather than versatility.
– The camera features a 2.4-inch flip touchscreen, 1/1.3-inch sensor, Leica tuning, and a 5nm AI neural processor.
– It includes “FlowState Stabilization,” an IPX8 waterproof rating, and a swappable battery with fast charging capabilities.
– The Ace Pro combines AI denoising with its image sensor for clearer low-light results in videos and stills.
– It has an “Active HDR Video” mode that improves color accuracy in certain lighting conditions.
– The camera can record up to 4K@60fps, 4K@120fps (slow motion), or 8K@24fps, but without AI enhancement or Active HDR.
– The AI Highlights Assistant feature automatically analyzes and edits videos to highlight the best moments.
– Another feature, AI Warp, allows users to transform videos or subjects into different styles through generative AI.
– The Ace Pro is available for ordering at $450, while a slightly more affordable version, the Ace, is priced at $380.
– Optional accessories include a dive case, quick release mount, multi mount, GPS preview remote, and mic adapter.


We’ve already seen DJI’s Osmo Action 4 and GoPro’s Hero 12 representing the rugged action cams of 2023, and now, it’s Insta360’s turn to unveil its take on this category — one that focuses more on video quality than, say, its Go series’ versatility. In a nutshell, Insta360’s brand new Ace Pro can be described as a GoPro on steroids, thanks to its handy 2.4-inch flip touchscreen, 1/1.3-inch sensor, Leica tuning and, most notably, 5nm AI neural processor. You’ll also get the usual “FlowState Stabilization,” IPX8 waterproof rating (down to 33ft or 10m) and swappable battery (up to 100 minutes in 4K@30fps Active HDR; fast charging at up to 80 percent in 22 minutes, or to 100 percent in 46 minutes).

Insta360 claims that combining its AI denoising feature with its new image sensor, the Ace Pro produces clearer and more stable low-light results for both videos (up to 4K@30fps in “PureVideo” mode) and stills (up to 48 megapixels). There’s also an “Active HDR Video” mode which turns on automatically when lighting conditions are met, with the company emphasizing on improved color accuracy here — we’ll take a closer look at this in our review later. The camera is also capable of recording at up to 4K@60fps, 4K@120fps (slow motion) or even 8K@24fps, but none of these can take advantage of the AI enhancement nor Active HDR.

The dedicated AI chip isn’t just for enhancing image quality. Over the years, Insta360 has been finding ways to make video editing easier and quicker, and this time, it’s doing so by letting the camera itself do some auto-editing first. Dubbed “AI Highlights Assistant,” this feature analyzes your video while picking out the best bits in real time, then you can review the AI edit on the camera first (and also delete the bits you don’t need to save space). When you next connect your Insta360 mobile app to your Ace Pro, the new AI-generated clip will be automatically pushed to your phone. 

Aside from having to test out this feature myself, Insta360 also warned that “AI Highlights Assistant” does require extra power (the company promises to continue optimizing power consumption here), so be mindful of your camera’s battery life when using this feature.

Another fun new feature for making editing easier — though not necessarily limited to the Ace Pro — is “AI Warp,” which can be found in the “Shot Lab” template section in the mobile app. It’s basically Insta360’s first take on generative AI: you can pick a template or type in your own prompt, in order to get the app to transform either the entire video or just the highlighted subject into your desired style — be it cyberpunk, anime, space, superhero costumes or more. The company added that you can look out for even more AI-related effects in its mobile app in 2024.

Insta360 Ace Pro action cam on a multi mount.

The Insta360 Ace Pro is already available for ordering, with the $450 standard bundle including a standard mount and a flexible adhesive mount. There’s also a slightly more affordable Ace priced at $380, and while it comes with the same accessories, it has to make do with a smaller 1/2-inch sensor, a max video resolution of just 6K@30fps, no fast charging and no love from Leica. The rest of the feature list is the same, otherwise. 

Optional accessories include a dive case (for down to 197ft or 60m), a quick release mount, a multi mount, a GPS preview remote, a “Vertical-Horizontal Mount” and a mic adapter plus cold shoe module (for use with the quick release mount).

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Insta360 has released its new action camera, the Ace Pro, which focuses on video quality rather than versatility. The camera features a 2.4-inch flip touchscreen, a 1/1.3-inch sensor, Leica tuning, and a 5nm AI neural processor. It also includes features such as FlowState Stabilization, an IPX8 waterproof rating, and a swappable battery. Insta360 claims that the Ace Pro produces clearer and more stable low-light results for both videos and stills, thanks to its AI denoising feature and new image sensor. The camera can record at up to 4K@60fps, 4K@120fps (slow motion), or even 8K@24fps. The Ace Pro also includes an AI Highlights Assistant feature that automatically analyzes videos and selects the best parts for editing. The camera is available for ordering, with a standard bundle priced at $450.