11 genius accessories from CES 2024: from AI fitness headphones to infrared hairdryers

Key Takeaways:

– CES 2024 showcased some of the best TVs, laptops, and smart home tech of the year.
– The show also highlighted clever and innovative accessory ideas in consumer tech.
– Some standout products include auto-tracking iPhone stands, neural headphones, smart mattress toppers, and wearable ovens.
– These accessories offer new and unique features that could become common in the future.
– Other notable products include an ultimate camping battery, AI fitness coach headphones, bird-identifying binoculars, AI pet trackers, folding Qi2 charging stands, home-controlling smart rings, and infrared hairdryers.


CES 2024 has delivered what will almost certainly be some of the best TVs, best laptops and finest smart home tech of the year. But it’s also a show about clever ideas and delivering new accessories that we didn’t know we needed, plus a few that haven’t been invented for good reason. 

After hours of scouring the CES 2024 show floor, we’ve rounded up our pick of the former – the most promising accessories and gadgets that have done the seemingly impossible and come up an original, or clever twist, on consumer tech.

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AI Eclipse TLDR:

CES 2024 showcased a range of innovative accessories and gadgets that are set to revolutionize consumer tech. Some standout products include the Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro, which uses Apple’s new DockKit API to track movements without the need for a third-party camera app. Naqi Neural Earbuds offer a non-invasive alternative to brain implants, allowing users to control computers using gyroscopic, muscle, and brainwave sensors. Anker Solix C800 Plus is a camping battery that can charge multiple devices simultaneously and features a three-mode camping light. Mojawa HaptiFit Terra is an AI fitness coach in the form of bone-conduction headphones that deliver exercise plans and feedback. Swarovski Optik AX Visio is the first bird-identifying binocular, capable of labeling bird species using a built-in neural processing unit. Invoxia Minitailz AI smart collar tracks pets’ whereabouts and monitors their health in real-time. Satechi 3-in-1 folding Qi2 charging stand supports the new wireless charging standard and includes a charger for Apple Watch and AirPods. Lotus Ring is a smart ring that acts as a wearable controller for smart home devices. Loreal AirLight Pro hairdryer utilizes infrared technology to reduce heat and energy consumption while drying hair faster.