Digital adoption platforms can realize generative AI’s full potential

Key Takeaways:

– Generative AI is quickly shaping how professionals work and is already being used in various apps for transcription, expense processing, and document checking.
– However, the use of generative AI apps comes with security risks, such as data breaches, and the potential for confusion and overwhelm among employees.
– Businesses need to help their staff keep up with the evolving digital landscape and utilize the tools securely.
– Many businesses are wasting money on underutilized software, including generative AI tools, due to a lack of familiarity and comfort among employees.
– Digital adoption platforms (DAPs) can help businesses understand how employees use AI tools, provide on-screen guidance, and gather actionable data analytics.
– Visibility into employees’ AI usage is crucial to prevent “shadow AI” and potential security risks.
– Businesses should establish policies and guidelines for the safe and ethical use of generative AI tools.
– DAPs can be used to provide guardrails and ensure safe usage of generative AI tools.
– Full oversight of employees’ use of generative AI can empower them to harness the benefits of the technology while improving productivity and the employee experience.
– Focus on digital adoption can address multiple challenges, including “shadow AI” risks, employee frustration, and keeping up with evolving technology.
– The true potential of generative AI can only be unlocked if employees understand and safely use the tools available.


Generative AI is shaping how professionals work – and doing so more quickly than anyone could have expected. While generative AI is new to the workplace, AI already powers many of the apps businesses use every day in a broader sense – from transcribing video calls and processing expenses, to checking documents for spelling and grammar.

These new generative AI apps are having a huge impact on productivity, but they come with risks. First, there are security risks that stem from employees inputting sensitive data into these apps which could lead to data security breaches. There’s also a risk that all these new apps added to workflows will cause confusion which is the opposite of the desired effect. Indeed, it would be easy for people to feel overwhelmed in this constant state of digital change. How can businesses help staff keep on top of the evolving digital landscape – and make the most of the tools they have been given in a secure way?

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AI Eclipse TLDR:

Generative AI is revolutionizing the way professionals work, but it also comes with risks that need to be addressed. One major concern is the security risks associated with employees inputting sensitive data into these AI-powered apps, which could lead to data breaches. Additionally, the influx of new apps into workflows can cause confusion and overwhelm employees. To help staff keep up with the evolving digital landscape and make the most of these tools in a secure way, businesses need to take action.

One issue that businesses face is the underutilization of expensive software licenses. Research shows that large businesses waste around $100 million per year on software that doesn’t bring the expected return on investment. This wastage could extend to generative AI tools if employees are unaware of how to use them effectively or even that they exist. To address this, organizations should ensure that all employees have the necessary familiarity and comfort with new technology, empowering them to take full advantage of the tools at their disposal.

Digital adoption can play a crucial role in helping businesses address these challenges. By treating generative AI tools as regular business software, organizations can provide employees with the guidance and support they need to use AI effectively and prevent frustration. Digital adoption platforms (DAPs) can walk employees through workflows in real-time, offering on-screen guidance and analytics to enhance productivity. Visibility into employees’ AI usage is also essential to prevent the use of unauthorized AI tools, which can pose security risks.

While generative AI is exciting and holds great potential, it is crucial for businesses to ensure that employees understand how to use it safely. By focusing on digital adoption, organizations can mitigate the risks associated with generative AI while improving employee productivity and experience. Ultimately, businesses need to empower their workforce to harness the full benefits of this transformative technology.