Everything about The Finals seems great, except the AI voice acting

Key Takeaways:

– The Finals is an open beta first-person shooter game by Embark Studios
– The game features teams of three fighting to secure piles of cash in a destructible game show arena
– It has a focus on explosive firefights and varied gadgets, blending elements from Battlefield and Overwatch
– The game uses AI-generated text-to-speech voices for in-universe announcers and team voice lines
– The dialogue with AI voices feels awkward and stilted compared to the visuals and gunplay
– AI is used to cut down the time to implement new lines, but it has received criticism from developers and FPS fans
– Critics argue that using AI voice overs is bad and takes away work from real voice actors
– There are recommendations for other multiplayer games that do not use AI voice acting.


We were huge fans of the hectic action of Embark Studios’ latest first-person shooter (FPS) The Finals. Now in open beta on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the game pits teams of three in a frantic scramble as they fight to secure piles of cash in a destructible game show arena.

With a big focus on explosive firefights and varied gadgets, The Finals feels like just the right blend of everything we love from the Battlefield series and Overwatch. We were less enamored, however, with the apparent use of AI generated text-to-speech voices in place of conventional voice acting.

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AI Eclipse TLDR:

Embark Studios’ latest first-person shooter, The Finals, has received praise for its action-packed gameplay and diverse gadgets. However, some players have expressed disappointment with the use of AI-generated text-to-speech voices instead of conventional voice acting. The AI voices are used for in-game announcers and team voice lines, giving the dialogue an awkward and stilted quality. While the use of text-to-speech dialogue is common as a placeholder during game development, developers confirmed in a podcast that AI will be used in the final version to expedite the implementation of new lines. This revelation has sparked criticism from both developers and fans, with concerns raised about the impact on real voice actors. Despite this setback, players seeking multiplayer games without AI voice acting can refer to lists of the best FPS games and best co-op games for alternatives.