Google Bard could soon become Gemini, and appear inside more apps

Key Takeaways:

– Google Bard, the AI chatbot, is undergoing updates and will be renamed as Gemini.
– Gemini is the next-gen AI model that powers Bard, so the rebranding makes sense.
– A dedicated Android app for Gemini will be released, integrating with apps like Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube.
– Gemini will also be available for iPhone users through the existing Google app for iOS.
– A paid subscription tier called Gemini Advanced will be introduced, similar to OpenAI and ChatGPT.
– The contact page for Bard/Gemini has been found in Google Messages, allowing users to chat with the AI.
– Integration of Google’s AI assistant into various apps seems to be a trend, following the example of Snapchat.
– Confirmation is still pending, but it appears to be an exciting week for Google’s AI projects.


The AI chatbot Google Bard is one of the fastest evolving apps in the Google collection at the moment – and it looks as though its branding is about to evolve too, with Google set to rename it as Gemini.

This comes from developer Dylan Roussel (via Engadget), who has apparently found a list of updates coming to Google Bard. it’s dated this coming Wednesday, February 7, and the headline change is that Bard will get renamed Gemini.

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AI Eclipse TLDR:

Google Bard, an AI chatbot, is undergoing significant changes, including a rebranding as Gemini, according to developer Dylan Roussel. Gemini is the name of the next-generation AI model powering Bard, making it logical to consolidate the names. The update also includes the introduction of a dedicated Android app that will integrate with popular apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube. Additionally, a paid subscription tier called Gemini Advanced is rumored to be introduced, aligning Google with OpenAI and ChatGPT in offering both free and paid AI bot tiers. There are also indications of integration into Google Messages, allowing users to chat with the AI assistant. These updates suggest a significant week for Google’s AI projects, while Apple is expected to unveil its own generative AI efforts later this year.