ICYMI: the week’s 7 biggest tech stories, from new Macs to ChatGPT upgrades

Key Takeaways:

– TechRadar provides a round-up of the biggest news headlines from the world of tech
– Samsung may release a more affordable foldable phone
– The finale of Loki season 2 received positive reviews
– AI chatbot ChatGPT received major upgrades
– The 3rd-gen Amazon Echo Show 8 received positive reviews
– TechRadar provided advice on early Black Friday deals
– Sony launched the fastest ever mirrorless camera, the Sony A9 III
– TechRadar reviewed the new M3-powered Macs (14-inch MacBook Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro, and 24-inch iMac) and were impressed with their performance.


We understand: life is busy, and you can’t necessarily spend all of your time glued to the TechRadar website, waiting for updates. Look away for just an hour or two though, and you can quickly miss a flurry of significant stories.

That’s the thinking behind this in-case-you-missed-it round-up, a collection of all the biggest news headlines from the world of tech this week. We’ve got reviews of the new M3-powered Macs and 3rd-gen Amazon Echo Show 8, news of Sony’s fastest ever digital camera, some Black Friday buying advice, and more besides.

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AI Eclipse TLDR:

In this week’s round-up of tech news, TechRadar highlights some of the biggest stories from the world of technology. They mention a possible more affordable foldable phone from Samsung, the conclusion of Loki season 2, upgrades to AI chatbot ChatGPT, the positive review of the 3rd-gen Amazon Echo Show 8, advice on early Black Friday deals, the launch of Sony’s fastest ever mirrorless camera, and their impressive review of the new M3-powered Macs. The article aims to provide a summary of the week’s important tech news for readers who may have missed it.