Microsoft Paint is becoming a digital art powerhouse thanks to this new AI assistant

Key Takeaways:

– Microsoft is serious about AI and has introduced two new AI bots, Windows Copilot and Cocreator.
– Cocreator is an AI bot that helps generate images in the Paint app.
– Cocreator has been released through different channels of the Windows Insider Program for testing.
– Cocreator is powered by Dall-E and allows users to give a description and select an art style for image creation.
– Early reactions to Cocreator are positive, with the results being described as impressive.
– To try Cocreator, users can sign up for the waitlist or be a part of the Windows Insider Program and install the latest build.
– Cocreator is still being tested and the version users see will be a preview one, subject to changes and developments.
– The new Paint app has already received a major revamp with the addition of a layers feature and Cocreator.
– Microsoft’s decision to keep and improve Paint has been well-received by fans, and it may become a popular app for Windows users.


Microsoft has recently held multiple events where it’s made it known that it’s serious about AI, and following the grand unveiling of its new AI assistant, Windows Copilot, the company has now introduced another AI bot, Cocreator, to help generate images in the iconic Paint app. 

TweakTown reports that that Cocreator’s been known about in the Windows-sphere since test versions of the feature were released through the Canary and Dev channels in September, two release channels of the Windows Insider Program which allows users to sign up to it to preview potential Windows versions and features to give feedback before they are widely released. After these releases, a version was released via the Beta channel (a third Windows Insider release channel) and, just last week, a Cocreator version made its way through the Release Preview channel (the fourth and final release Windows Insider channel that sees features before they’re integrated into upgrades for all users). 

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AI Eclipse TLDR:

Microsoft has unveiled another AI bot called Cocreator, which is designed to generate images in the Paint app. The new tool is powered by Dall-E, similar to Bing Image Creator, and allows users to input a description of what they want to see and select an art style. Cocreator will then attempt to create the image. The results have been described as impressive, thanks in part to the use of OpenAI’s latest version of Dall-E. Cocreator has been released through various channels of the Windows Insider Program, with a preview version available for testing. It is expected to be integrated into a future Windows 11 update. The Paint app has already seen a major update with the addition of a layers feature, and the introduction of Cocreator will further enhance its capabilities as a creator tool. Despite being considered for retirement in the past, Paint has remained popular among users and could continue to draw users to Windows with its new features.