OpenAI quietly slips in update for ChatGPT that allows users to tag their own custom-crafted chatbots

Key Takeaways:

– OpenAI has introduced a new feature that allows users to tag a custom-created GPT bot with an ‘@’ in the prompt.
– In November 2023, OpenAI introduced custom ChatGPT-powered chatbots that users could build for specific conversations.
– Users can train and improve their own GPTs over time to make them smarter and better at tasks.
– OpenAI also launched the GPT store, where users can create GPT bots for different categories and make them available for others.
– The new feature makes it easier to switch to a custom GPT chatbot and is currently available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.
– This feature mimics functionalities of apps like Discord and Slack, allowing users to create their own chatbot ecosystems.
– OpenAI has not publicly announced this update, leaving users to discover it themselves.


OpenAI is continuing to cement its status as the leading force in generative AI, adding a nifty little feature with little fanfare: the ability to tag a custom-created GPT bot with an ‘@’ in the prompt. 

In November 2023, custom ChatGPT-powered chatbots were introduced by OpenAI that would help users have specific types of conversations. These were named GPTs and customers who subscribed to OpenAI’s premium ChatGPT Plus service were able to build their own GPT-powered chatbot for their own purposes using OpenAI’s easy-to-use GPT-building interface. Users would then be able to help train and improve their own GPTs over time, making them “smarter” and better at accomplishing tasks asked of them by users. 

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AI Eclipse TLDR:

OpenAI has quietly added a new feature to its generative AI system, ChatGPT. Users can now tag a custom-created GPT bot with an ‘@’ in the prompt, making it easier to switch between different custom GPT personas. This feature was discovered by an observant ChatGPT fan and has not been officially announced by OpenAI. The ability to tag GPT bots with an ‘@’ symbol could create a more fluid and user-friendly experience, similar to popular messaging apps like Discord and Slack. This update appears to be available only to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. OpenAI has taken a unique approach by not publicly announcing this feature, allowing users to discover it on their own.