TechRadar’s Year in Review: AI revolution, smartphone evolution, and visions of the future

Key Takeaways:

– 2023 was dominated by the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the tech industry
– ChatGPT, a language model developed by OpenAI, had a massive impact and led to a surge in AI adoption by companies
– AI was integrated into various devices, including chatbots, image generators, and AI-enhanced features in phones and laptops
– Virtual reality saw significant advancements, with the Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro leading the way
– Other developments in TV, audio, wearables, camera, and entertainment industries also occurred throughout the year
– The accessibility of AI technology was a notable takeaway, with virtually anyone being able to use it
– AI’s future impact and potential threats were topics of discussion and concern
– In the phone industry, foldable phones from brands like OnePlus and Motorola gained attention
– Apple and Samsung continued to release top-notch phones, and rumors of a foldable iPhone circulated
– Long-term software support for phones improved, with Google and Apple offering extended update periods
– AI became a focus for smartphones, with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 optimized for AI tasks
– Laptop and computer sales declined in 2023, partly due to the aftermath of the Covid lockdowns and cost-of-living concerns
– Apple and Intel made moves to reverse the downward trend, with Apple launching new M3 chips and MacBook Pros and Intel introducing Core Ultra processors with AI capabilities
– The TV industry saw the arrival of QD-OLED screen technology, with Samsung’s S90C TV dethroning LG as the king of OLED TVs


If I had to sum up 2023 in one word it would be AI. Okay, technically that’s two initials, but let’s not quibble – because there’s no doubt that it provided the year in tech with its main story arc.

Artificial intelligence was everywhere this year, as every company in the world gawped at the massive impact of ChatGPT, and decided they wanted to jump aboard that bandwagon. You could barely move for new chatbots, new image generators, and new AI-enhanced features in every device released in 2023. And there’s no sign of that changing in 2024; in fact, we expect it to be an even bigger deal.

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AI Eclipse TLDR:

In 2023, the main story arc in the tech world was artificial intelligence (AI). AI was everywhere, with every company wanting to jump aboard the AI bandwagon after witnessing the massive impact of ChatGPT. New chatbots, image generators, and AI-enhanced features were present in every device released in 2023. This trend is expected to continue in 2024. Virtual reality also saw significant changes, with the impressive Meta Quest 3 and the potentially game-changing Apple Vision Pro. Other developments in TV, audio, wearables, cameras, and entertainment also took place. AI grew in accessibility and power, with anyone at any skill level being able to use it. However, concerns arose about the potential risks and fallibility of AI. In the world of smartphones, foldable phones from upstart brands like OnePlus and Motorola made waves. AI is expected to be a major focus in smartphones in 2024, although its exact applications are yet to be defined. The laptop and computer market faced challenges in 2023, with sales declining as people held off on upgrading their devices. Companies like Apple and Intel made moves to reverse this trend, with new chips and AI features. The TV market saw the rise of QD-OLED technology, with Samsung dethroning LG as the king of OLED TVs with the Samsung S90C. Overall, 2023 was a year dominated by AI and its impact on various industries.