Windows 11 could get the ability to uninstall AI components – and maybe even Copilot eventually?

Key Takeaways:

– Windows 11 has hidden changes related to AI in the operating system
– A leaked tweet discovered a hidden Settings page for AI Components in Windows 11
– The page allows users to view and uninstall AI-related system components
– The AI components listed include Windows Security, Microsoft Store, Phone Link, and Xbox Game Bar
– The presence of AI in Windows 11 raises privacy concerns for some users
– Microsoft may provide uninstallation options for those who do not want AI in their operating system
– The AI functionality and options are still in early development and may not fully debut until the next-gen Windows is released
– It is unclear if AI uninstallation capabilities will include removing Copilot
– Some AI components may be removable based on the leaked finding.


Windows 11 often has incoming changes hidden away behind the scenes of the operating system, and another of these has just been spotted – and it’s a big one pertaining to AI.

Windows Central stumbled upon a tweet by regular leaker PhantomOfEarth on X, who has been digging around in Windows 11 preview build 26016 (in the Canary channel).

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AI Eclipse TLDR:

Windows 11 has been found to have a hidden settings page for AI components, according to a tweet by leaker PhantomOfEarth. The page, which can be enabled using a Windows configuration tool, allows users to view and potentially uninstall AI-related system components. The screenshot provided in the tweet shows AI components such as Windows Security, the Microsoft Store, Phone Link, and Xbox Game Bar. While it is unclear what specific AI functionality these components will offer, it is possible that they could provide AI-driven features or recommendations. However, concerns about privacy and trust may arise for some users who may not want AI in their operating system. The presence of an uninstallation option in the settings page suggests that Microsoft is considering catering to those users. It should be noted that the feature is still in early development and may not be available in preview builds. Additionally, it is uncertain whether AI uninstallation capabilities will extend to central aspects of the OS, such as Copilot.