AI at Work

Key Takeaways:

– AI has gone from being a science fiction idea to a popular business term in recent years.
– There is a lack of focus on the people behind AI and how it is being used.
– The package aims to explore the current state of AI, its uses, failures, successes, and the true meaning of “artificial intelligence.”

The Verge:

AI, once an ambiguous science fiction trope, has become an ambiguous business buzzword, as every technology product races to implement what Silicon Valley thinks is the greatest innovation since the internet. But lost in the conversation are stories about the people building it and using it. If large language models and automated systems will, indeed, upend labor and capital, what does it actually look like in practice? In this package, we’ll explore the ways AI functions today: how people are using it, where it fails and where it succeeds, and what it actually means when we say “artificial intelligence.”

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The given text is a summary of an article about artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on various aspects of society. The article discusses how AI has transitioned from being a science fiction concept to a popular business buzzword. It highlights the growing implementation of AI in technology products and the need to understand the people behind its development and usage. The article explores the practical applications of AI today, including its successes and failures, and delves into the implications of AI for the future of labor and capital. The author aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of what artificial intelligence truly means in practice. The summary concludes with a link to the full article for further reading.